A new way of communicating.


A new way of communicating.

Safe and easy instant messaging. Run by the community, for the community. Fully open source.

Run by the community for the community (more emphasis on distribution and collaboration)

Funded by donations: self-sustainable

Fully open source: auditable by anyone

Based on open standards: contributes to interoperability

Easy as SMS but with the power of an e-mail


Encrypted everywhere. Both client-to-server and server-to-server channels are fully encrypted. Users can be safe with end-to-end encryption — servers can't decrypt it.


Run by the community for the community. Kontalk is run by a community of volunteers offering servers and splitting costs among them. Go to the network web site »

Open source

Every bit of the software used in the Kontalk network, both server and client, is completely open source. Hosted by Github.

Represent these in a carousel (like bottom section on kontalk.org):

  • Based on XMPP (and part of the federation).
  • Strong asymmetric encryption based on OpenPGP (will switch to OMEMO/OTR/whatever soon).
  • Both servers and clients open source.